Changing Estate Agents

Changing Estate Agents or Property Managers

It is a common misconception that by signing a managing authority with estate agents or property managers, you are contracted to that particular agency for the term of the tenants lease. The good news if you are thinking of changing estate agentsĀ  or property managers is that in the majority of cases you can change estate agents at any time. Our property managers manage the handover on your behalf in a seamless process with no fees charged. We also have a special offer for customers changing estate agents or property managers.

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Our Property Managers make Changing Estate Agents Easy

  • We arrange the collection and handover of all documents for your property
  • We arrange transfer of Bond
  • We arrange collection of all keys for your property
  • If the property is currently tenanted, we make contact with the tenant to advise of handover
  • We arrange rental payments to be disbursed to G&H Property Group
  • We follow up on any outstanding issues from previous management