Management Property Melbourne FAQ’s

How can a Melbourne property manager help with management of my property?
Our affordable Melbourne property management services can help protect your hard earned asset.
For a comprehensive lists of property services we offer please visit our services page.

Are your Melbourne property management services expensive?
Our Melbourne property management services are very affordable, especially when compared to our overpriced Real Estate Agents and our other competitors.

What are your qualifications to manage my property, are you experienced?
We have a very experienced team of property managers who are managed by our Director who is a fully licensed Estate Agent with lots of property investment experience.
We are a proud member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV).

Each time I visit my current estate manager I am introduced to someone new, is this how you operate?

Can I get a discount on your Melbourne property management services?
Our property management services are very affordable and we offer some of the sharpest rates in our industry.
We would like you to take advantage of our special offers on our specials page.

What is the contract length for your property management services?
We do not have contracts. We are confident that our service and price is so good that you will be happy to stay with us.

Is moving to you from our current property manager difficult?
No, we manage the move from your previous manager to us for free.

Do your trades provide good work?
We have a reliable list of trades that we contract work to as needed. They all provide high quality work and are appropriately licensed.