Covid 19 Support Grant-Terms & Conditions

$2000 Grant – G&H Property Group COVID 19 Promotion

Any new landlord to G&H Property Group by the 30th June 2020 requesting this promotion can receive up to a maximum of a $2000 grant. This grant comes in the form of a credit on their account with G&H Property Group. G&H Property Group will offer regular service fees that include and may not be limited to a 5.5% management fee, one weeks rent plus GST as a leasing fee once a new tenant is found, regular marketing fee of $198 when searching for a new tenant, monthly administration of $5.50 and re-leasing fee of $198. These fees are on our regular service list but can vary dependant on extra items the landlord may choose to take up or remove. These regular fees will be charged and added to their account diminishing the credit to zero where any future fees will occur and be paid to G&H Property Group.

There is no commitment or contractual period that a landlord must stay with G&H Property Group. If a landlord decides to take up this offer and chooses to take the management away from G&H Property Group any credit that is on their account does not get paid out to the landlord. This remaining credit will simply diminish, and the account will move to $0.

This credit will only cover fees associated to G&H Property Group. All other costs associated to the property will be passed to the landlord as per normal process. This includes and not limited to;

  • Any outgoings including council rates, water rates, body corporate rates or land tax costs
  • Any maintenance associated to the property. These costs will be managed by G&H Property Group and deducted from the rental income as per normal process.The total credit for this grant can be calculated by the total management fees for a 12- month period. If the property is vacant at the time of taking this promotion the total credit that will be applied to the account will be calculated upon leasing the property. The value of the lease can then be used to calculate the total credit. All fees associated to leasing the property will then be added to the newly calculated credit.

    Landlord 1 has a property that is currently leased for $500 per week. With our standard management fee of 5.5% the total grant that this landlord will be entitled to as a credit on their account will be $1434. Any fees from G&H Property Group in the future will be charged and this credit will reduce. Eg we collect the monthly rent and the monthly management fee of 5.5% being $119.52 will reduce the credit to $1314.49.

    If there is a dispute associated to how the grant can be used G&H Property Group have the right to remove the grant in its entirety and hand the management back to the landlord. In this circumstance the landlord will still not have any fees from G&H Property Group.


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